6 Tips to Prevent and Manage Chronic Wounds

May 27, 2024

Managing chronic wounds effectively involves more than just direct wound care; it also includes adopting a lifestyle that promotes healing and reduces the risk of complications. Here are some beneficial lifestyle tips for patients with chronic wounds:

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Eating a balanced diet is crucial for wound healing. Focus on protein-rich foods like lean meats, beans, and legumes. Also important are vitamins A and C, found in fruits and vegetables, and zinc, present in nuts and whole grains.

Chronic wound patients, especially those with diabetic wounds, will want to work with their mobile wound care provider to understand the impact of their diet on their wound healing. Your Preferred Healthcare mobile wound care specialist can help you coordinate with other medical providers and educate you and your support system on dietary choices to help you feel your best during the healing process.

Stay Hydrated

Proper hydration is crucial for maintaining healthy skin and overall bodily functions. Drinking enough water helps to keep the skin moisturized and elastic, reducing the risk of damage and wounds.

You can improve your hydration by avoiding salty, sugary, or caffeinated beverages and choosing low-sugar fruit juice, unsweetened tea, and water. Staying hydrated can enhance your overall well-being, improve sleep and energy levels, and support the body’s healing process.

Understand Your Underlying Conditions

Understanding how underlying health conditions such as diabetes impact wound healing progress can benefit patients. Controlling blood sugar levels is crucial for patients with diabetes, as high blood glucose can impair circulation and the body’s ability to heal, worsening wound complications. If you have diabetic wounds, our wound care specialists provide at-home diabetic wound care, eliminating stressful travel and allowing for care coordination with your primary care physician and other specialists. With Preferred Healthcare’s mobile wound care service, you can work with your team to understand how your underlying condition affects your wound healing.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking narrows the blood vessels, impairs blood flow, and limits the oxygen and nutrients reaching the wound site, significantly slowing the healing process. Quitting smoking can improve circulation and enhance overall healing capabilities.

Exercise Regularly

Regular physical activity improves blood circulation, which is essential for wound healing. Walking or gentle exercises tailored to your abilities and medical conditions can make a significant difference. Discuss with your wound care provider what exercises are best for you and can improve wound healing.

Practice Proper Wound Care

Follow all medical advice regarding wound care, including keeping the wound clean and dressed, monitoring for signs of infection, and attending regular medical check-ups. Proper care is crucial to prevent complications and promote healing. Preferred Healthcare has licensed wound care experts who educate all our mobile wound care patients, ensuring they can be an active participant in their care.

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Regular check-ups with healthcare providers are important for monitoring wound progress and adjusting treatment plans. This is essential for effectively managing chronic wounds. Patients with chronic wounds often struggle to follow a treatment plan that involves multiple wound care appointments each week, which increases the risk of reinfection, hospitalization, or even amputation. With Preferred Healthcare’s mobile wound care services, you can receive expert wound care in your home, reducing missed appointments and improving healing outcomes.

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Adopting these lifestyle changes can significantly improve the management of chronic wounds, enhance the effectiveness of medical treatments, and improve overall quality of life. Reach out and schedule an appointment for more information on how Preferred Healthcare Mobile Wound Care can help you or your loved one.

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