Wound Dehiscence

At-Home Mobile Wound Dehiscence Specialist in Georgia

Mobile Wound Care for Post Surgical Dehiscence

Embarking on the road to recovery after surgery should be as comfortable and convenient as possible. At Preferred Healthcare, we redefine wound care by bringing expert services directly to your home with a warm and professional touch. If you’re navigating the challenges of wound dehiscence, let us be your dedicated partner in the healing journey.

Surgical recovery is a difficult time and can be made even harder when you or your loved one isn’t seeing healing results or are experiencing complications such as wound dehiscence. This is a serious complication that can occur after surgery or from a traumatic injury, meaning the patient is experiencing a partial or complete reopening of a previously closed wound.

Coordinating travel to and from wound care centers can be difficult, disrupting your schedule when you want to be resting comfortably in familiar surroundings.

Infection Prevention With Preferred Healthcare

Once a patient is experiencing wound dehiscence, their risk of infection and rehospitalization increases, our wound care specialists can help monitor for infections and adjust your treatment plan accordingly, including bandage changes, prescribing antibiotics, and wound cleaning, in a comfortable, familiar environment.

Preferred Healthcare provides bedside services to:

Optimal Wound Dehiscence Outcomes with Preferred Healthcare

Wound dehiscence patients who receive consistent wound care during their recovery decrease their risk of hospitalization, which can carry its own financial burden.

Preferred Healthcare provides bedside services for wound dehiscence patients, eliminating travel coordination and costs, monitoring wounds, and providing infection control and patient education services, ensuring shorter healing times and better healing outcomes.

Coordination of Care with Preferred Healthcare

Following multiple treatment plans and keeping track of specialists, prescriptions, and recommendations can be difficult. Preferred Healthcare’s mobile wound care team helps coordinate care, keeping patients, families, doctors, providers, and residential staff up-to-date with current patient wound information, helping decrease miscommunications that can lead to missed appointments or a decrease in care.

Our mobile wound care services focus on delivering effective care without the unnecessary hurdles associated with travel coordination, allowing patients to concentrate solely on their recovery journey.

Comprehensive Residential Wound Dehiscence Treatment

In addition to our mobile wound care service, Preferred Healthcare offers specialized educational services for dehiscence patients. We extend our expertise to various healthcare settings, including skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and primary care clinics, offering education on wound dehiscence care best practices, both furthering your employees’ professional potential and empowering your staff to make care decisions at the moment.

At Preferred Healthcare, our commitment to your well-being extends beyond the traditional boundaries of healthcare. With our Mobile Wound Care and comprehensive residential services, we aim to make your recovery journey as smooth and convenient as possible. Trust us to bring healing to you.

Contact us today to learn how Preferred Healthcare’s Mobile Wound Care service can enhance your recovery experience. Your journey to healing starts here.

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