Long-Term Wound Care

Let Preferred Healthcare help your long-term care facility provide cutting-edge wound care. Aligning with Preferred Healthcare opens the gateway to specialized wound care treatment and individualized care strategies meticulously crafted to meet the distinctive requirements of your residents.

Unparalleled Convenience for Your Facility

This collaboration extends unparalleled convenience to your facility, as our adept team of wound care specialists, accompanied by state-of-the-art equipment, directly arrives at your doorstep. Say goodbye to the hassle of residents commuting to external wound care centers—our on-site care ensures a seamless and stress-free encounter, heightening resident comfort while minimizing disruptions to their daily routines.

Partnering with Preferred Healthcare promises comprehensive wound care assessments and a proactive approach to wound care, resulting in extraordinary healing outcomes. Our expert team excels in early detection, prevention, and intervention, significantly lowering the risks of complications and infections. Timely and effective management of wounds not only betters the overall well-being of your residents but also accelerates the healing process, thereby enriching their quality of life.

Streamlined Operations with Mobile Wound Care

Mobile wound care helps streamline your long-term facility’s wound care operations. Administrative challenges related to coordinating external wound care appointments, managing transportation logistics, and dealing with paperwork are alleviated. This grants your staff the freedom to concentrate on delivering top-notch care, fostering meaningful relationships with residents, and enhancing the overall resident experience by limiting uncomfortable disruptions to their daily routine.

Preferred Healthcare also offers training and wound care educational opportunities for your facility’s staff, providing training, updated best practices, and knowledge and instruction on new wound care techniques. By investing in the professional development of your staff, you not only raise the standard of care in your facility but also instill a culture of excellence.

A partnership with Preferred Healthcare transcends mere wound care—it signifies a dedication to delivering exceptional care and enriching the overall well-being of your residents. With Preferred Healthcare as your trusted ally, you can transcend wound care, optimize operations, and establish a nurturing atmosphere that champions optimal resident outcomes.

We’re proud to partner with long-term care facilities, alleviating the travel complications on patients and staff while providing high-quality wound care.

Reduce costs with our experts providing quality mobile wound care