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Discover the Advantages of Partnering With Preferred Healthcare

Collaborating with Preferred Healthcare offers unparalleled benefits, featuring expert patient care, enhanced financial savings, and more. We know your clinical and administrative staff are busy professionals who spend their day providing the highest quality care and services to your patients and residents. Coordinating transportation for off-site wound care can disrupt your patient’s routine and cause undue administrative and clinical burdens on your staff.

With advanced mobile wound care from Preferred Healthcare, we can bring the treatment to your patient’s bedside, eliminating the need for transportation coordination and allowing your providers and staff to focus on providing your patients with high-quality care.

Our Partners

Take Care of Your Residents With Mobile Wound Care

Home Healthcare Agencies and Post Acute Facilities

Partnering with Preferred Healthcare brings several advantages for home healthcare agencies and post-acute facilities:

  • Incorporate an advanced wound care provider and oversight without incurring overhead costs, setting yourself apart from competitors.
  • Establish a safety net for urgent or complicated cases.
  • Prevent unnecessary hospital admissions, avoiding potential patient loss to higher-cost care facilities.
  • Extend specialized wound care to patients
  • Enhance patient outcomes
  • Increase patient and caregiver satisfaction

Preferred Healthcare delivers advanced wound care in the patient’s home, resulting in cost savings, reduced complications, and heightened patient satisfaction. We tailor our services to your organization’s unique needs, aiming for improved healing rates and patient outcomes.

Quality Wound Care in the Comfort of the Patient’s Residence

  • Optimize Patient Outcomes

    With more accessible access to advanced wound care procedures, our on-site patient care model increases compliance, accelerates healing rates, and improves overall quality of life.
  • Increase Cost Savings

    Our personalized at-home care model improves patient outcomes, reducing complications and infection rates and resulting in savings for patients and the healthcare system.
  • Decrease No-Shows & Hospital Traffic

    Our at-home clinical services bring care directly to the patient, minimizing no-shows in clinicians’ offices and reducing overall hospital traffic.
  • Access Advanced Tissue Analytics Technology

    Preferred Healthcare utilizes advanced Tissue Analytics technology to provide additional patient wound progression data.
  • Reduce Readmissions

    Socioeconomic factors, such as transportation challenges, contribute to high readmission rates. Our at-home services eliminate these barriers.

Reduce costs with our experts providing quality mobile wound care