Benefits to Patients

Exceptional Wound Care in the Comfort of Your Home

Experience unparalleled benefits with Preferred Healthcare mobile wound care, where advanced procedures are seamlessly delivered in the comfort of your home, supported by a dedicated team committed to your well-being.

Say Goodbye to Waiting Rooms

No more long wait times in uncomfortable waiting rooms. Preferred Healthcare brings advanced wound care procedures directly to your home, tailored to meet your unique needs. This approach leads to superior outcomes, an enhanced quality of life, and stress-free experiences.

No More Transportation Hassles & Additional Costs

Avoid the inconvenience of transportation and the financial burden of missed in-clinic appointments. Preferred Healthcare, covered by most insurance plans, facilitates healing in the convenience of your home, eliminating unnecessary costs. You don’t have to resort to unreliable transportation with mobile wound care.

Effective, Friendly, Expert Wound Care

Access hands-on care effortlessly with your personal oversight physician, patient care coordinator, and medical assistant. This comprehensive support enhances satisfaction, value, and compliance, ensuring you no longer endure unnecessary chronic wound pain.

Effortless Access to Advanced Mobile Wound Care Treatments

Don’t wait around hoping for wounds to heal on their own. With your dedicated Preferred Healthcare provider and care team, address and treat injuries promptly, preventing potential health issues – all from the comfort of your couch or bedside.

Essential Education to Prevent Chronic Wounds & Amputation

Did you know that over 50% of diabetic foot ulcers become infected, contributing to approximately 80% of 120,000 non-traumatic amputations annually in the U.S.? Preferred Healthcare is dedicated to providing vital wound care education, empowering you and your loved ones to seek timely medical treatment before it’s too late.

Responsive & Compassionate Support Team

As part of the Preferred Healthcare family, you’ll receive unwavering support from a caring team dedicated to addressing all your wound care needs. From the moment you join us, we are committed to your well-being.

Comprehensive Mobile Advanced Wound Care Treatment