Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled nursing facilities are responsible for delivering comprehensive care to residents with intricate medical needs. Your facility can tap into specialized wound care knowledge by partnering with Preferred Healthcare.

When you partner with Preferred Healthcare, your staff, and residents are free of transportation coordination or a long, uncomfortable drive to an off-site wound care clinic. Our providers bring their services directly to the patient’s bedside. On-site care eliminates the logistical challenges linked to transportation, lessens the physical strain on residents, reduces the number of missed wound care appointments, and facilitates a more efficient and prompt approach to wound care from the comfort of the patient’s bedside.

Optimize Patient Outcomes With Preferred Healthcare’s Mobile Wound Care Excellence for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Wound care specialists from Preferred Healthcare can conduct thorough wound assessments, monitor the progress of wounds, and employ evidence-based interventions to foster optimal healing outcomes. This proactive approach aids in the early identification and resolution of potential complications, reducing the risk of infections, delayed healing, and other commonly encountered wound-related issues in skilled nursing facilities.

Wound Care Solutions Tailored for Skilled Nursing Facilities by Preferred Healthcare

Let us help you streamline your wound care process. External wound care appointments typically involve intricate scheduling, coordination of transportation, and administrative tasks. Having an advanced mobile wound care provider on-site significantly alleviates these logistical burdens, allowing staff to dedicate more attention to direct care provision and enhancing resident satisfaction.

We also offer educational resources and training sessions to the facility staff, equipping your team with the latest knowledge and skills in wound care. By empowering your staff with updated practices and techniques, facilities can ensure that wound care is delivered with the utmost competence and expertise.

When you partner with Preferred Healthcare, you’re getting reduced costs and specialized expertise. We offer convenient on-site care, proactive wound management, streamlined operations, and valuable educational opportunities for skilled nursing facilities, allowing your staff to focus on the residents, not travel coordination.

Reduce costs with our experts providing quality mobile wound care